About HEI

HEI Resources, Inc. was incorporated in January 1998 to review oil & gas drilling prospects upon which partnerships and oil & gas joint ventures it sponsored would engage in oil and gas drilling exploration, development and production activities. To date, HEI has sponsored 90 partnerships and joint ventures engaged in oil and gas activities located in Texas, Mississipi and Alabama. HEI has recently expanded outside of the oil and gas industry to include the mining of base and precious metals.


Mr. Charles Reed Cagle is the President and Chief Executive Officer of HEI. His oil and gas career began over 25 years ago, as he worked his way up through the management ranks of independent oil and gas companies.  One of Mr. Cagle’s passions outside of the energy industry is the growth of Outreachers, a non-profit organization founded by Mr. Cagle in 2009. Outreachers was created to educate and improve the lives of impoverished and disadvantaged children of all ages in the local Colorado Springs community, and in communities in Guatemala. Please review information specific to Outreachers by visiting the COMMUNITY tab at the top of this page.

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